Raising Awareness Of Maternal Mental Health

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, I chatted to Sophie Burch (The Mamma Coach and Founder of Beyond Birth) about how maternal mental health.

Super Mumma Hub Talks to Sophie Birch Beyond Birth Founder About Maternal Mental Wellbeing

In our chat we discussed how mental health is just as important as our physical health. Sophie uses the theory of the 5-a-day we normally apply to fruit and veg to our mental wellbeing. Doing 5 things a day for us to get some self care and balance for our mental wellbeing. This could be going for a walk with the kids, meditation or breathing practices.

Sophie shares my passion for the need to improve education to parents around mental health and the signs for mental ill health. We discussed how the term 'mental health' need the negative stigma removed and for it to become a positive term that just means looking after you emotional wellbeing.

As part of Sophie's passion to support and educate people on perinatal and maternal mental health she helps to write the training courses for the Perinatal Mental Health Training CIC for professionals looking to expand their understanding.