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Hunters Moon

Mums, Lucy & Alice, have 6 kids between them and are also sisters. They set up Hunters Moon together to create a beautiful range of bath products to help busy mums take a little time out to relax and feel luxuriously pampered.

Tell me a little bit about you both?

We are sisters, friends and mothers.

We both grew up and lived together in rural Oxfordshire until Lucy left for University in London and soon after I headed to Loughborough University. Although we have always been close we definitely had moments in our teenage years which our parents would describe as challenging!! The distance of University probably brought us the closest we had been and I moved to London to work and soon after we decide to live together in Clapham where we stayed for 6 years until I left to head back to the countryside to live with my now husband Richard. I now live back in Oxfordshire with 3 children. Lucy is married to Mike and they also have 3 children.

How have you found your journey through motherhood?

We are very much in the early years of motherhood with 6 children between us under 6! We can’t actually believe we are writing that - but we know we are in the crazy early years!! We both love being mummies and feel very lucky to have both had fairly straight forward pregnancies. Lucy was extremely lucky to have three natural births and I had 3 c-sections, so we had very different birth stories but in terms of parenting we are very similar and are both advocates for routines and ‘sleep breeds sleep’!! Our children spend a lot of time together and as a result are very close. We can’t wait to watch them grow up together and we know the fun is only just beginning. We are definitely still learning. I remember someone once saying to me pick your battles and I think this is an excellent mantra and is likely to be one of our rules for the next few years!

Did you find your relationship as sisters changed once you both became mothers?

We were lucky enough to be pregnant just 6 months apart and as such our journey to and the start of life as mummies has interlinked. What a start to a new journey it has been! We decided after our second babies to launch Hunters Moon amidst the chaos! So yes, our relationship changed but in a way that has brought us even closer. In all of this we were unaware that two more babies would follow in year three of Hunters Moon.

Sleepy Pillow Mist

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Sometimes it can be hard to switch off and relax after a day running around doing school runs, playtime, work etc 

Hunters Moon Sleepy Pillow Spray gives you a gentle hand to lie back and relax your mind to drift off to sleep.

Sleepy Pillow Mist

4. What was the inspiration behind Hunters Moon?

A multitude of things really – when we had children, we found it all encompassing and we both said goodbye to our corporate job but we both missed aspects from the world of work. We have always been passionate about home décor and we are both obsessive candle lovers; we feel passionately that whilst candles make beautiful decoration for your home they are for burning, enjoying and escaping the everyday. This is what lead us to launch our own range of products offering a hint of luxury at an affordable price. Like us all, we have busy lives which leaves us craving “a moment for me” to re-balance and re-set after a long day. It was from a shared love of scented candles and a desire to create that “moment” for others that Hunters Moon was born.

5. How have you found balancing your business with motherhood and also being sisters?

I think any parent would agree that parenthood is a juggle regardless of what you do and that’s exactly what it is like for us.

Hunters Moon is very much in its early years and we hope that it grows and adapts as our journey with our families does. We try to have days / times together as sisters where we don’t talk Hunters Moon and we simply sit and drink wine or escape to a spa, inevitably Hunters Moon creeps back in!

Calm Bath Salts

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There is nothing like a soak in the bath after a day with the kids. Hunters Moon have created a beautiful blend of Geranium and Lavender Bath Salts to let you lie back and relax and unwind ready for bed.
Calm Bath Salts

What are your must haves or dos for your self care?

A bath, with a candle of course! Taking a little time away on our own, even if it’s just for 10 minutes!


“Everything happens
for a reason”

“I can handle anything that comes my way today"