Mum of 2, Francesca
HappySelf JOurnal

HappySelf Journal was created to provide and simple and fun way to get all the family journaling and reflecting together.

Tell me a little bit about you both?

I live in rural Kent with Mr HappySelf and our two children, 4 chickens and a cat. Working on HappySelf was my passion project and it’s a joy to now run it as a family business from home. Building something that allows me to work around family life is very important to me.

How have you found your journey through motherhood?

Nothing can prepare you for motherhood

It’s been journey of love and learning. And it’s continually evolving. I’ve learned to be more gentle with myself and go with the flow. And as soon as I realised that ‘everything is a phase’ everything felt more manageable.

How do you use journaling as part of your mental wellbeing toolkit?

There are so many ways to keep a journal but it all comes down to carving our a few minutes of screen free time to sit with pen and paper and reflect and process whatever is going on in your head.

3. If you could go anywhere to restore yourself and relax, where would it be?

It would have to be out in nature with a beautiful view.

What are your must haves or dos for your self care?

For me having small daily moments of self-care make the biggest difference.

Moments of quiet, screen free time to meditate or journal. Time for a cup of tea and to read the newspaper. Exercise is also really important and I love going for walks down our lane so I can combine movement with time in nature.

HappySelf Grown Up Journal

HappySelf Grown Up Journal

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A journal for time short mums to feel gratitude and reflect on the day.

4. What was the inspiration behind HappySelf Journal?

I really wanted this for my own children having experienced the benefits of journaling and positive psychology myself but couldn’t find anything on the market. There much in the press about increases in stress, anxiety and mental health-issues with our young people that it seems to me there is much we can do to prevent problems by teaching children the tools and techniques that have already been shown to have an impact on wellness and happiness. These skills will stay with them for life.

As a mum short of time, I love the simplicity of the journal, was that an important part of the journals?

In truth I created the grown-up edition for myself so yes absolutely. Keeping it simple, light-hearted and short made it more likely for it to be completed. I didn’t want there to be any barrier to filling it out. The pages are different, structured and have simple prompts.

Tell us briefly the difference between the 4 journals as they go through the age groups.

We started with our bestselling Junior edition which is for ages 6 – 12 and as my own daughter grew we launched a Teen edition so she had something to move on to. The main difference with the Teen edition is that this has more of a weekly structure to encourage the kids to think about their week and has a bit more about which positive habits they could give a try. There is also a bit more space for free journaling. The teen edition has a more grown-up look but the basic concept of the daily pages is the same.

My First Journal for 3-6 year olds as we had many stories from parents that younger siblings were keen to join in. This one is a large size than the others so there is more space on the page for colouring, larger handwriting and space for the grown-up to annotate. It’s very much designed to a co-journaling experience to encourage conversations with your child about their feelings and their day.

More recently we launched a grown-up edition so parents could join in with their kids or carve our some time for themselves. This one is like a mix of our Junior and Teen editions keeping things lighthearted but filled with all the same goodness as our other editions.

5. Tell us a little bit more about how you give back with the journals.

It’s really important for us to do good with HappySelf as we grow and we do our best to work with charities to make the journals available as widely as possible. We also make the journals available to schools at a much reduced price. During the pandemic we got two rounds of funding from Innovate UK which allowed us to distribute thousands of journals free of charge to children on free school meals.


‘I am safe. I am loved. I am calm’

HappySelf Grown Up Journal
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