Starting A Business In Motherhood

Anshu Ahuja, co-founder of DabbaDrop talked to me about juggling her plant based business DabbaDrop with motherhood.

What inspired you to set up DabbaDrop?

The idea for DabbaDrop came about when I was working as a TV Producer. Life was busy and there were always lots of decisions to be made.


My husband and I would order a takeaway and it would usually take a good half an hour to decide what to eat. Trying to find a restaurant that has good vegan or vegetarian options was always harder. By the time the meal turned up it would be 10pm; too late to eat. The food itself was never as fresh or delicious as we imagined it would be. Plus, there were often the plastic containers which we’d feel so guilty about.


It was Summer 2018 when I started cooking from home as a trial for what would later become DabbaDrop. Renee was one of my first friends to sign up for the trial and loved it so much it was a natural progression that she came on board to help grow the concept as co-founder. Renee says “We wanted to create a convenient, tasty takeaway option that didn’t come with a guilty conscience. Inspired by the Indian dabbawalla system, customers pay a one-off fee for the reusable dabba (tiffin) which is then theirs to keep. They choose a frequency (either weekly or fortnightly), pick their start date and they’re all set! Our delivery cyclists collect the customers' empty dabbas when they deliver the full ones – and so the cycle (of reusability) continues.”

 Super Mumma Mumpreneaur DabbaDrop Food

How do you juggle motherhood and running a business?

As two mothers, we set up DabbaDrop to work around our families. One of the reasons for setting up on our own was so we could manage our own schedules and not miss pick-ups, drop offs and other school activities. While on the whole, this works for us, we’re still always juggling, working after the kids have gone to bed and on weekends to ensure everything gets done. But having a co-pilot means the other can always step in if the other has a poorly kid or no childcare so the business is not affected too much if the other person is not there.

We take it in turns to watch the kids so the other can work. Sometimes we have to bring the kids into the office and give them some screen time while we catch up with our team but we’ll always balance that out with some run around time in the park after. 

Super Mumma Plant Based Family Meals DabbaDrop

Tell us about the benefits of eating plant-based food?

Following a plant-based diet has many benefits. Eating a variety of colourful veg, fruit and legumes provides the utmost nutrition, as well as boosting gut health. It’s increasingly recognised that avoiding meat and dairy can help cut carbon emissions which as we know, is contributing greatly to the climate crisis. DabbaDrop's vegan food, subscription model (reducing food waste), stainless steel reusable packaging and zero-emissions deliveries have all been considered with this in mind. DabbaDrop’s has a strong belief of ‘planet before profit’.

How do you help kids to eat more vegetables?

Getting kids to eat veg can be difficult and our own kids aren’t always keen. At DabbaDrop we have the option to add kids dal and samosas to any order which are both a great way to get more veg in them. We used experiences with our own kids to create child-friendly samosas which have a smoother texture, with less salt and spices.

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