Life As A Single Mum

Hi! I’m Rachel from Yellow Tiger Designs and I'm also a single mum to a little 5 year old boy. I’m also the founder of Yellow Tiger, my freelance illustration business.  I chose to leave part time employment as a graphic designer because it just didn’t make sense as a single mum- without any family nearby, I was using all my payslip on childcare and rent, and racing to every nursery pick up and drop off. Freelancing means I can work flexibly- I work most Saturdays, I can take days off if my son is sick, and I get to work for really exciting clients! It’s not easy starting a business - and when there’s very little single parent representation out there, it sometimes feels impossible. That’s why I applied to @theaoi mentorship programme, and with my mentor’s support I’ve created a series of illustrations showing single parent challenges.  This personal work is pretty scary to put out there... but I imagine that many mums who have to solo parent can relate.