Motherhood & Anxiety with Pamela Rae-Welsh

Pamela is founder of Worsley Creative, runs 2 Facebook groups helping small business increase the visibility online, a training company helping those unemployed get back into work and is a mum!! 

Having always wanted to strive to be the best and prove she can achieve in a male dominated environment, Pamela talks about how this has turned into a achievement addiction and an anxiety of underperforming that at times can cripple her and create burnouts.

Pamela opened up about the anxiety of not being able to 'do it all'  and the impact that had on her after having her daughter. The pressure many of us feel of wanting to be at home bonding with our baby, while not losing our authority in the workplace. This anxiety and pressure led to her burning out and taking a month off to take time out to just be a mum and enjoy the milestones.

We both discussed the self inflicted pressure of having to breastfeed and the guilt it led to when it doesn't go to plan and the sadness of outside pressure from other mums to make the right feeding choice and having to justify it to others.

Pamela Rae-Welsh

Pamela is the mum behind Worsley Creative, an online visibility specialist.

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