Soul Sunday - The Day To Restore Your Mum Energy


As mums it is hard to find the time to really stop and focus on you. Our wellbeing is often the last thing we think about until we burnout or hitting breaking point. What if we put it first? It might feel like your being selfish, but what if you planned the time in your week first before anything else is added to the diary. 

Sunday Is Soul Day

For me, it is the day that works best. I know I can step back from mum life and really focus on me. I can reflect on the week finishing and restore myself ahead of the coming week. I plan it in and everyone knows it is 'me time'!

5 Ideas For Your Soul Sunday

Super Mumma Calm Hoodie

1. Find Peace & Comfort

Find a space where you can be quiet from external noises and distractions ( and the kids cant find you!). Maybe it is in the bath or you can go for a walk and find a park bench.

Get comfortable, I love my Super Mumma Cowl Neck Hoodies because I feel cosy and relaxed in them. If I feel secure, I can relax easier.

Super Mumma Soul Sunday Journaling For Mums

2. Journaling

Journaling, I think can sometimes sound overwhelming. If you are just starting out, grab a notebook ( I am more inspired if it is one I enjoy holding, writing in and looks pretty) and just write your thoughts down. It doesn't have to make sense or be in any order, just allow your mind the chance to unload and create space for the coming week.

3. Reflection

Once you have written down your thoughts, read through them and see what has been troubling you this week. Are you anxious about something coming up next week? Celebrate your wins from the week. This is why I love looking into the soul on a Sunday as it allows you to look back and start afresh for the week ahead.



4. Gratitude

Write down 5 things you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude is a great way to feel more positive. Use your Soul Sunday as a chance to remind yourself of the things that have brought you joy and happiness this week.



5. Breathe

You can't end your Soul Sunday without taking the time for Meditation or breathing exercises. They are a simple way to restore your energy ready for the coming week. If you haven't tried breathing techniques before I have some that may help, that you can use with your Super Mumma Patch. There are also some great resources on The Matrescence including Breathing Techniques for Anxiety.

Whatever you choose to do for your Soul Sunday, make sure you plan it in and give yourself the space and time to relax and restore your energy.