About PANDAS Foundation

Super Mumma Supports PANDAS

What does PANDAS do?

The PANDAS Foundation helps support and advise any parent and their networks who need support with perinatal mental illness

How PANDAS support families

PANDAS offers support to family through support groups online communities and a free helpline. It wants to ensure no one feels alone suffering with mental illnesses during pregnancy or following the birth of a child.

Why does Super Mumma support PANDAS?

The PANDAS website was the first place I saw the term Postnatal Anxiety. It was a lightbulb moment! Everything I was feeling made sense and suddenly I didn't feel so alone. I wanted a way to give back to them for helping me and help other mums become aware of a illness that isn't talked about much.


If you need support you can call PANDAS helpline or visit the PANDAS websiteSuper Mumma Supports PANDAS Foundation helpline