Mumma - Krisha - Founder

I am not Super Mumma but I am the founder of Super Mumma! I design and make all the Super Mumma hoodies and gifts with Maternal Mental Wellbeing at the heart of them. To read more about why I am so passionate about Maternal Mental Wellbeing and why I started Super Mumma here. There is no big team behind me, just me and my little family of helpers, let me introduce them to you!

Dada - Ryan - Printing Assistant

Ryan has been such an important part of my Super Mumma journey. From supporting me through anxiety attacks, being my sound board for ideas and now he is my printing assistant! HAHA Every hoodie, jumper and tee is printed by the two of us. He has his own little system for making sure your empowering words are perfectly placed!

The Girls - Head Of Stickers 

My girls are my world! They are my motivation behind everything I do! The girls love helping me place the stickers on all your orders. Super Mumma has been a great opportunity for us to talk about how it is ok to feel different things and how to build self care and coping techniques into our daily life.