Organic Cotton Navy & Gold Super Mumma Tee

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You may not be Super Mumma but you are a super mumma! This organic Super Mumma Tee is the perfect way to remind yourself you are doing a fab job.

The symbol of a rainbow can mean different things to every mum. For me it reminds me 'when it rains look for rainbows'. That could be if you are going through a tough time with post natal depression, not feeling like you are at your best. It could be to remind you that you are a mum to a beautiful 'rainbow' baby if like me you have suffered with miscarriages.

The gold print allows you to shine and remind you that you are precious and can overcome anything to stand out and shine your positivity to everyone.

The Super MummaPatch

Each tee features a Super Mumma patch. When mummahood gets too hard, stop, take a few deep breaths and squeeze the Super Mumma patch to focus your breathing and release any anxiety or tension.

Material: 100% OCS certified organic cotton

Ladies size: 8 8/10 12 14 16/18 18/20
Chest (to fit): 30/32 32/34 35/37 38/40 41/43 44/46