Grazia - There Shouldn’t Be A Time Limit On Maternal Mental Healthcare

This week as part of Maternal Mental Health Week I talk to Louise Burke for Grazia about my journey with Post Natal Anxiety, highlighting the need for more mental support for mums at the 6 week check and beyond.

It's a topic I am passionate about. I discovered Post-Natal Anxiety existed over a year after giving birth to my 2nd child. All the support available for me finished after a year and then you go into a bit of a no mans land. I was fortunate to be able to afford private counselling sessions but I know many don't have access to this. I didn't see any health visitors after my 6 week check and then it was focused on the how my baby was developing. I got the usual 'How's Mum?' question but that was all. 

My journey with my anxiety and Super Mumma has opened my eyes to how much amazing support is out there if you know it is there. Education and awareness is key for parents mental wellbeing and this is why I am more passionate then ever to continue doing this through Super Mumma.

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