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Hoodies that understand the real challenges of motherhood
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Welcome to The Super Mummahood!

Motherhood is not all babies sleeping peacefully, and calm school runs. Let's be honest, sometimes we lose our s***!

Motherhood can be a beautiful mess, but sometimes it can also feel dark, lonely and overwhelming.

Super Mumma is here to embrace the crap days, celebrate the small wins and be there for you when motherhood gets mentally rough.

Super Mumma is a range of clothing and self care products, designed and picked, by me, to help your mum day feel just a little easier and you, as a mumma, a little more supported.

What Is A Super Mumma?

Every Mumma! Whether your feeling like you haven't got it all sussed, you sometimes shout at the kids, you get frustrated, you cry, get touched out, crave some alone time, or forget the PE kit .... you are still a super mumma!

Self Soothe

The Super Mumma Patch

When you are overwhelmed with stress, panic, anxiety and you can't leave the kids to run away, what do you do?

The Super Mumma Patch was my way of coping when I couldn't run away. I created it as a way for me to self soothe myself to calm.





From One Super Mumma To Another..

Hi, I am Krisha, mum of 2 girls, living with anxiety, OCD & ADHD, while trying to survive as a mother, wife and women!

I created Super Mumma after feeling alone while suffering with Post Natal Anxiety. It took me nearly 18 months and a midnight scroll on Google to discover that what I was feeling wasn't wrong, it wasn't just me and it wasn't ok.

I never want mums to feel like I did and not know where to go or what to do to help them feel ok.

I started by creating hoodies that can help you feel stronger & empowered when feeling vulnerable at the school gate or baby class.

Now, Super Mumma is more than just hoodies, It's a place where you can come and find support, comfort and a place where you don't feel alone.

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What Is Self Care?

It is about taking time to restore your energy, rest your mind and take care of yourself
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