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Empowering Hoodies & Tees For Mindful Mums

Choose Your Own Mantra

I'm not Super Mumma, but I am a super mumma

When we change how we talk about ourselves, we change how we feel about ourselves. Super Mumma is aimed at empowering and inspiring all mothers and reminding them to stop, breathe and focus when times get tough. We need to care and nurture our mental wellbeing, especially when motherhood gets a little overwhelming.

Wrap Yourself In Empowerment

From One Anxious Mumma To Another

Hi, I'm Krisha, Super Mumma was launched as a way for me to raise awareness on post natal anxiety. An illness most mums (including me) are not made aware of. Since it's launch it has become a way for me to inspire and empower mums to feel they are not alone. We all feel mum guilt, we are all winging it and we all have 'just one of those days'!

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Super Mumma Is Good For My Mental Wellbeing

Meet The Family

My family is at the heart of everything I do. They each have a role in the Super Mumma journey.

Come Meet The Family

Behind The Scenes

I handprint all the hoodies in my own Super Mumma Studio. I love creating, it is good for my mental wellbeing.

How Your Hoodie Is Made

Meet The Wellbeing Family

Sharing bite sized videos for you to get some relaxing self care. Enjoy a quick yoga flow or a empowering guided relaxation.

Let's stay supported together

Breathe in calm, Breathe out tension

When anxiety hits me, a wave of fear washes over me. All sense of logic, clear thinking and control are gone. I designed the Super Mumma Patch as a way for me to be able to take back control and manage an attack without drawing attention to myself.

Take Back Control With The Super Mumma Patch

"The Super Mumma Patch is such a great idea for us anxious mums"

I have anxiety and the jumper has helped me know I am not the only one.


Is Self Care Selfish? No, it's about investing in yourself

Written by mums for mums, the Super Mumma Hub shares stories of motherhood, wellbeing and more.

Grab A Coffee And Explore

Feel Empowered And Cosy On The School Run

The hoody kept me feeling so warm on the school run. Will be treating myself to another.


It Takes A Community To Make a Mumma

As mums we share a special bond, we all want the best for our family, no matter the struggle. Sometimes that struggle can feel lonely. On my @supermummas Instagram I am about connecting mums together to share expertise, worries and achievements as we journey through motherhood.

Come and join the conversation, I cant wait to get to know you x