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I'm not Super Mumma, but I am a super mumma!

When we change how we talk about ourselves, we change how we feel about ourselves.

Super Mumma is aimed at empowering and inspiring all mothers and reminding them to stop, breathe and focus when times get tough. We need to care and nurture our mental wellbeing, especially when motherhood gets a little overwhelming.

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Celebrate those little moments of happiness

2021 has not started how we planned. It's tough, but celebrate those little moments of happiness. No matter what happens we will get through it together

Fill your day with happiness

From one anxious mumma to another

My Story

Breathe in calm, Breathe out fear

When anxiety hits me, a wave of fear washes over me. All sense of logic, clear thinking and control are gone. I designed the Super Mumma Patch as a way for me to be able to take back control and manage an attack without drawing attention to myself.

Anxiety Management Built In

Self Care isn't selfish, it is about investing in yourself

As a mum finding the time to look after you is hard. I know when I am run down, tired not looking after my needs my anxiety always takes over. I wanted to find a way to help myself get some self care when time is short. As part of that there is a building library of 10 minute relaxation videos from Super Mumma Hypnotherapy expert Helen, in the Super Mumma Hub.

Super Mumma Hub

Take some time for yourself and explore articles written by mums on their journey with motherhood, maternal wellbeing, mental health and more.

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It's so cosy!

Love my hoody! Perfect for chilly school runs and feeling cosy at home


I'm not alone

I have anxiety and the jumper has helped me know I am not the only one