Spacemask Self Heating Eye Masks

Lie Back and Relax while the self heating eye mask soothes your tired eyes and the infused jasmine calms your body from the stresses of a busy mum day

Spacemask Self Heating Eye Mask

harriet inglis

Meet the mum behind the relaxing eye masks
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What is a self heating eye mask?

A self-heating eye mask is an eye mask that is designed to generate heat upon contact with the air. The self heating eye masks are amazing for relaxation and soothing purposes, especially for the eyes. The heat generated by the self heating eye mask can help relieve tension, reduce eye strain, and promote relaxation.

What Are the benefits of using a self heating eye mask?

Self Heating Eye Masks are a great addition to any self care routine.

  • The heat from the self heating eye mask encourages the blood to circulate around the eyes, reducing puffiness.
  • It can relax facial muscles aiding in relief from migraines and headaches
  • Prevents tear evaporation helping prevent dry eyes
  • The Jasmine aroma from the self heating eye mask is known for it's mood boosting and anxiety relieving properties