Motherhood and Hypnotherapy

Super Mumma has invited Helen from Senara's Sister Hypnotherapy to share about her work, her passions, and her life as a mum, in this incredible IGTV stop and breathe video. Helen has so much insight and wisdom to share, she specializes in women’s health and well-being with solution focused hypnotherapy. This video is so inspiring, it is a treat to listen to Helen go through what her life has been like as a mum. She talks about what it is like to raise teenagers and babies simultaneously, and how no matter how many times you do it- becoming a mom is brand new in so many ways each time. Every child and birth is so different, even her 5 year old twins came with their own unique personalities and challenges. She talks about her history with postpartum health and wellness, and the culture shock it can be when you have a positive supported first pregnancy and birth, but a second that goes completely differently. After seeing how vastly different her first and second births were, she knew that for the birth of her twins, she needed to be more intentional about preparing her mind for whatever was going to come. She has been on a long and beautiful journey of learning not only how-to best care for her own mental health during motherhood, but also learning to help others become the best versions of themselves through hypnotherapy. Now she strives to share what she has learned with others.

There are so many who shy away from hypnotherapy because of some common misconceptions around the words and language of it. It was so illuminating, even for a birth worker such as myself, to hear Helen speak about what she does in her work, and I think everyone should give this video a listen. It clearly debunks some common myths or misconceptions that we think of when we hear the words hypnosis or hypnotherapy, and beautifully illustrates how hypnotherapy can actually create this beautiful space. Space for the mind to heal itself, and prepare itself, and strengthen its muscles of adaptability. It is a beautiful and healing way to begin not only your journeys into motherhood, but any path in life where you would like to go forward with intention and grace. It's about preparing yourself to experience life, rather than letting life just happen to you- and that is so beautiful to me.

Helen offers virtual hypnotherapy services, and I urge you to get in touch, watch this video, and see what kind of an impact it can have on your life. There is potential in every one of us for great healing and peace, we must simply be willing to open ourselves up to it. We can create space within ourselves to honor where we have been and know that we have done our very best, while looking to the future and finding new ways to accept the joy and love our journeys have to offer.