Self soothe anywhere

The Super Mumma Patch

The Super Mumma Patch is designed to support you and give you strength in your moment of need. It gives you the tools to calm your breathing, slow down your heart rate and allow you to think with a clearer head.


BREATHe your way to calm

When we get stressed, anxious, overwhelmed our breathing can get shallower, faster and send our body in to fight or flight mode. The Super Mumma Patch is there to guide you through slowing and steading your breathing down.

Let The Super Patch Guide You

Square Breathing

This is a breathing technique that is done in four simple steps, and repeated as long as necessary to effectively calm your mind, heart rate, and body. You can do this to a count of 1..2..3..4 or just let your breath span be the count. 

1- Inhale slowly through the nose
2- Hold this air for a moment
3- Exhale slowly through the mouth 
4- Rest at the end of your exhale, pausing before beginning the cycle again

Try to match your inhale, hold, exhale, and rest, to the same time frame in each step, but not rigidly. The point is to relax in the pattern of it, not to get caught up in the numbers or perfecting the timing. 

Anchor Yourself With

Sensory Grounding

Use The Super Mumma Patch as an anchor, hold it tight and let it draw your focus to how it feels, what is the texture like. Use the 4 sides to name 4 things your can see, you can smell, you can hear.

Squeeze & Release

The Tensions

When we feel out of control we can hold tension in our body. Use The Super Mumma Patch to help you release it. Squeeze it tight for a few seconds as you take a deep breath. Let go as you exhale and let the tension go with it.

Support always by your side

The super mumma patch

There is no set way to use your Super Mumma Patch. Take what works for you and wear your Super Mumma Patch knowing it is always there by your side when you need it.