Parenting Trends For 2024

The world of parenting is always filled with new ideas, tools and experts.

So for 2024 what are the parenting trends we should expect to hear all about.

Parenting in 2024 led by AI

2023 saw the introduction of AI to our world. A big parenting trend for 2024  will be the rise in using AI and AI powered chat bots to give parents advice on topics such as weaning, sleeping, behavioural issues and more.

We will soon be using AI to plan kids activities on a rainy day, asking the best way to help our kids start school or even to help us work out why they have a temperature.

Mindful Parenting

Being mindful was a big buzzword this year but the parenting trend for 2024 will see it used to related to how we parent. 

How can I be a mindful parent in 2024?

The basic principles of mindful parenting are:

  • listening to your child with your full attention
  • non-judgementally accepting yourself and your child
  • being emotionally aware of yourself and your child
  • using self-regulation in your relationship with your child
  • having compassion for yourself and your child.


Mum being kissed on the cheek by a child

The Self Care Trend For Parenting in 2024

This is one I am very happy about! A parenting trend for 2024 will see mums feeling less guilty for putting self care at the top of the to-do list. For too long we have felt the pressure to look after everyone else ahead of our own needs. More and more we are seeing that we have to look after ourselves to able to serve other around us to the best of our ability.

Women Enjoying Yoga In Nature

Get Yourself Self Care Ready For 2024

Demand For Life Being A Blend Not A Balance

Gen Z's are now entering parenting and this is influencing thre parenting trends for 2024. One of those trends is their need for life to be a blend of work, family and life.  With more of an awareness of mental health and self care they will lead the way for life to the need to be more present for their children and not tolerating the demand of work to take over.

Parenting in 2024 will be Led By Children

With the upcoming Gen Z parents, 2024 will see the rise of children leading parenting styles. Parents will focus more of listening to their children, staying present to them and putting themselves in the child's shoes.

The child will be seen as a growing person meaning their opinions and thoughts will carry more weight and consideration.

The Rise Of The Parenting Village

This year we have been introduced to the word ‘co-parenting’ and this will be taken further in 2024. One of the most powerful trends in parenting for 2024 will see the development of non-traditional parenting environments. Multigenerational parenting. parenting from beyond the parents, will see a village of support developed to raise the child.

To conclude, parenting trends in 2024 could see one of the most powerful shifts in parenting trends with mental health of children and parents leading the way.

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