The Positive Wellness Journal
The Positive Wellness Journal
The Positive Wellness Journal
The Positive Wellness Journal

The Positive Wellness Journal

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A luxurious hardback journal covered in bright orange fabric, journaling with a extra focus on your self care and mental wellbeing

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Size: W15cm x H22cm x D3cm
Pages: 280, 90gsm
What's inside The Positive Wellness Journal
Weekly quotes and daily journaling
Activities such as breathing & stretching
Meal planning, mood tracking and art therapy

The Positive Wellness Journal will be wrapped in tissue and sent with a pack of the calming Super Mumma Lavender Seeds.

It will be dispatched within 2 working days and should be received within 3-5 working days from then.

If you would like it for a special date, use the 'Ask A Question' tab below to let me know and I will try my best.

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Stop, Reflect, Breathe
Wellness Journaling For Mums

The Positive Wellness Journal is a beautiful 3-month journal dedicated to nourishing your mind, body and soul through creativity, movement and writing.

It also included mood tracking, meal planning, hydration tracker and much more to help take some stress out of mum life.

Time For You
Self Care At The HEart

The Positive Wellness Journal is designed to help you become aware of your body and mind through the day. The journal is split into 3 sections; Mind, Body & Soul allowing you to focus on each area every month and have a better understanding by the end.

The Positive Wellness Journal includes tips, breathing practices and education to help you feel a sense of wellness each day. As mums we can sometimes neglect ourselves and The Positive Wellness Planner gives you that all important self care time.

From One Mumma To Another
Super Mumma Review

The Positive Wellness Journal is the newest addition to my journal library. I love the extra sections on breathing practices, yoga flows and how to bring more calmness to my mind.

It is a great companion or follow on from The Positive Planner.

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