Grow : Motherhood, Mental Health & Me By Frankie Bridge

'This little life you have brought into the world is your everything.

And your world in that instant changed for ever.

You may know Frankie Bridge for being a member of girl band The Saturdays, but more recently she has become a Sunday Time Bestselling Author, presenter and Mind Ambassador. You may think with celebrity comes happiness but Frankie has been very open about her struggles with mental health.

Super Mumma The Matresence Library Grow Motherhood and Mental Health Frankie Bridge

'I felt like I had failed at pregnancy. That I already wasn't the 'right kind' of mother.'

As a mum of 2, Frankie struggled with her mental health through pregnancy and into motherhood. Grow is the story of her journey through motherhood and the impact it had her and her mental wellbeing.

What I enjoyed about this book, and what made it more than another mum autobiography, is she is joined by her psychologist, Maleha Khan, and leading paediatrician, Dr Ed Abrahamson. They give tips, advice and knowledge around Frankie's story.

'Nothing that you learned in your NCT classes, or books such as What To Expect...prepare you for the first night at home.'

Super Mumma The Matrescence Library Grow by Frankie Bridge

This book was such an easy read to wind down for some 'self care time'. For someone who has also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks (read about my journey with post natal anxiety) I could relate to Frankie's story completely and it was reassuring to know I wasn't alone in how I felt. I also think this is a 'must read' for new mums to give them reassurance as they transition into motherhood.

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