Behind The Scenes Of Super Mumma

Krisha Davies Super Mumma Founder of Handprinted Mindful Hoodies

Mindfully Handprinted Hoodies for Anxious Mothers

Super Mumma came from my need for something that I could use when out and suffering with a panic or anxiety attack. The whole journey has been a chance for me to learn new skills and discover a creative side in me. Doing something creative has become a method I use to help when I am feeling stressed or anxious.

Handprinted Empowering Hoodies from Super Mumma

The Super Mumma Studio - Creating Hoodies for Anxious Mums

Super Mumma started in my bedroom! My husband built me a little workstation in the corner. It was fab but with lockdowns and having the girls at home, I needed the space to create and keep the girls entertained. At the end of 2020 my hubby and I created my own little studio. It's nothing fancy, but it is my little oasis. I have space to work with a dolls house in the corner to entertain the girls. Having my own space allows me to print and pack every order with a little help from my Super Mumma Family. It also means that I can keep being creative with bespoke colour combinations for you (and me!!)

If you would like to talk to me about mixing colour and design combinations to create your own bespoke Super Mumma Hoodie, read more here.

Super Mumma Handprinted Hoodies to Empower Anxious Mums

Being Creative Is Good For My Mental Wellbeing

Being creative and growing Super Mumma has become my little sanctuary when I am feeling anxious . The distraction of concentrating on a new design or learning a new skill really creates calm within me. It has given me a sense of achievement and given me my own little identity away from being 'mum'

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