Organic Cotton Black & Leopard Print Breathe Relax Tee

Organic Cotton Black & Leopard Print Breathe Relax Tee

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For the mumma who is feeling anxious

Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, mummahood can bring out feelings of worry in all of us. Sometimes it can all get too much and it might feel like you are struggling to breathe.

This tee is a reminder to all anxious mummas to stop, slow down and take deep breaths to bring things back under control and take away the sense of overwhelm we can sometimes feel.

Who doesn't love leopard print! I love the print because it reminds me to find my inner roar! You can overcome this feeling and find the inner fight to push through it.

Breast Feeding Friendly

As a mum who has struggled to find t-shirts I could comfortably breast feed in, this was a feature I really wanted to offer. The deep V neckline makes it easy to breast feed, while having a soft organic cotton that won't rub as harshly on your babies face.

The Super Mumma Patch

Each t-shirt features a Super Mumma Patch. When mummahood gets too hard, stop, take a few deep breaths and squeeze the Super Mumma square to focus your breathing and release any anxiety or tension.



  • 100% OCS certified organic cotton
  • Relax fit
  • Wide, Deep V Neckline

Size Guide

  • Small 8/10 Chest (fit) 32/34
  • Medium 12 Chest (fit) 35/37
  • Large 14 Chest (fit) 38/40
  • Extra Large 16/18 Chest (fit) 41/43

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