The Unseen Mental Load Of Christmas On Mums

Mum making Christmas Craft With Child

'Tis the season for joy and celebration, but let's take a moment to salute the unsung heroes of Christmas – mums! As we adorn our homes with festive cheer and carefully wrap presents, there's an invisible weight that many mums bear: the mental load of Christmas. So, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and let's explore the genuine, sometimes overwhelming, yet beautifully chaotic world of a mum.

The Christmas Mental Load Of A Mother

First, let's talk about the lists! It's not just about keeping up with the ever-changing (and ever-growing!) wish lists from the little ones to Santa. There's the pressure of ensuring your kids receive precisely what they've asked for to preserve the 'magic of Christmas.' Add to that the quest for finding those items at a reasonable price – a true holiday shopping challenge!

If managing the kids' wish lists wasn't challenging enough, there's also the mental checklist for all the relatives, friends, and unexpected gift-givers. It's a juggling act of thinking and shopping for everyone on your extended list.

Then there's the culinary challenge! It begins in November, battling the entire country for that coveted food delivery slot. Planning Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day meals involves a meticulous consideration of who's coming, dietary preferences, and a timetable to ensure culinary perfection on Christmas Day.

The mental load On Mums to create christmas magic

Now, onto the monumental task of creating the perfect Christmas magic! Us mums feel the weight of ensuring the kids partake in the best Christmas traditions and forge lasting memories. This involves scheduling nativity plays, Christmas discos, and visits to sometimes budget-busting Santa grottos and holiday experiences. All while carefully managing the balance of ensuring the belief of Santa and Christmas magic remains intact.

Arriving at Christmas Day might seem like the finish line, but for many mums, it means navigating social anxiety, family tensions, and the pressure of social media showcasing what others have opened and enjoyed. All this, while managing overexcited and stimulated kids.

Mother Holding Her Baby Infront Of Christmas Tree

The mental load on mums to manage finances at Christmas

Finally, creating this incredible 'Christmas Magic' doesn't come without a cost. Families are grappling with the financial strain of a cost-of-living crisis. The mental stress of striving for the perfect Christmas without disappointing the kids, keeping up with everyone, and staying within budget can be overwhelming.

To help ease the mental load why not create a Christmas budget.

Work out exactly how much you can afford to spend over December to try and ease the stress of January Bills. 

Once you know your budget, you can then list all the food & drink needed, allocate amounts to each person you need to buy for and don't be afraid to leave people off the list if you don't really need to buy for them.

Once you know who you are buying for, make a list of possible gift options and get bargain hunting!!

Super Mumma is here to help ease the load

The Positive Bullet Diary is a great way to help with your mental load by giving you the space to create lists, budgets and thoughts in one place.

Balancing the mental load on mums with self care

Did you notice what was missing? You! Where is the time for you to find mental rest and create a little Christmas magic for yourself? We excel at putting everyone else first, but our self-care cup can overflow. Take a step back, embrace the imperfections, and remember that the true Christmas magic comes from love and spending time together – even if it means sitting on the sofa in your PJs watching Christmas movies.

It is a balancing act trying to handle the mental load us mums are bearing, whilst also trying to look after ourselves. At Christmas with all the add pressures, it is important we carve out intentional time for some mental rest and self care.

Ideas For Some Self Care To Ease Your Mental Load

  1. Take a mental break with a guided relaxation from Sennaras Sister to help ease the mental strain.

2. Enjoy a relaxing cup of herbal tea, with the Hottea Mama 

3. Free up some mental space and take some time for journaling your thoughts.

So, raise a glass of mulled wine, and here's to you – the real Santa of the season! Cheers to your tireless efforts and the magic you bring to the holiday season.