The Power of Mantras and Affirmations

In more recent times Mantras and Affirmations have started to have the same meaning. 

Traditionally mantras are a simple form of meditation using sound and vibrations from the words chanted to restore calm. Using the words allows focus to be taken away from the 'monkey mind' and onto the words spoken to find stillness and peace within the mind.

Affirmations are repeating a phrase or words to create a more positive mindset. I use 'I am safe' when I am having an anxiety or panic attack to help calm my physical symptoms. 

When used with visualization daily many have found them to have a really positive impact on them. I also like affirmations for children as they are very simple.

I talked to Brenda, from the Super Mumma Wellbeing Family, about how mums can use mantras and affirmations in our daily lives and she taught us the 'So Hum' mantra that I use daily for my anxiety. She also teaches a simple one for children to boost their confidence.

Super Mumma Power of Mantras and Affirmations for mums